Annual Benefit

SAVE THE DATE: CEF hosts Viva Las Dragons – September 9th

Plans for the Carroll Education Foundation’s annual benefit at the Hilton Southlake is well underway, with event co-chairs Kathy Talley and Ed Bunner at the helm.

As CEF partners with the school board and administrators to identify needs across your 11 campuses, major sponsors and donors now have the opportunity to direct their donation directly to a specific need requested by CISD.  For more information regarding sponsorships or volunteering, please contact

Your donations at work: 2016 INNOVATIVE GRANTS and 2016 SCHOLARSHIPS

Enjoy 2016 event photos below, compliments of Nancy Nilson, – 76 Images Photography.

img_2988 img_2986 img_2985 img_2983 img_2982 img_2981 img_2979 img_2978 img_2977 img_2974 img_2971 img_2968 img_2967 img_2964 img_2963 img_2961 img_2955 img_2951 img_2946 img_2944 img_2941 img_2935 img_2934 img_2928 img_2927 img_2926 img_2925 img_2923 img_2922 img_2921 img_2920 img_2919 img_2915 img_2914 img_2913 img_2912 img_2911 img_2910 img_2909 img_2908 img_2906 img_2905 img_2903 img_2899 img_2897 img_2896 img_2894 img_2893 img_2891 img_2890 img_2889 img_2888 img_2887 img_2885 img_2881 img_2880 img_2879 img_2878 img_2877 img_2876 img_2874 img_2862 img_2858 img_2854 img_2852 img_2850 img_2848 img_2845 img_2843 img_2842 img_2841 img_2839 img_2836 img_2834 img_2831 img_2830 img_2825 img_2824 img_2818 img_1706 img_1698 img_1688 img_1680 img_1673 img_1666 160910_014 160910_003-2 2016 Culinary Celebration